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Having financial freedom contributes to building a successful and happy life. That’s why I teach strategies on how to get out of debt, and build wealth. We teach about the perks of living with financial independence so that you know you can achieve it too.

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- We believe that being debt free contributes to building a successful and Happy Life-   

My wife and I started our careers with about $45,000 in debt. We had come from nothing and quickly realized that we were making "too much money to feel broke", and decided it was time for a change. We wanted financial peace. Through a lot of studying and some trial-and-error we eventually realized the correct way to manage our money. Once "it clicked" for us, we started making better financial decisions and working as hard as ever to improve our financial wellbeing. The results? We paid off all our debt in two years (not counting the mortgage.)

     Then we thought... Now what? By then we had realized that being part of the corporate world for 40 years was never our calling. We had moved to Georgia from Puerto Rico to pursue new opportunities and succeeded in our respective fields. We were making six-figures but did not want to feel stuck in the "rat wheel". Therefore, getting out of the "rat race" and achieving financial independence was now in our sights. We started using a monthly budget and being intentional with our expenses. We started investing aggressively both in the stock market and in real estate. We even paid off our home!

The results? We reached what they now call "Coast F.I." in our mid-thirties. Having reached this level of financial success allowed me to do work I love and allowed my wife to choose to quit her 6-figure job after giving birth to our long-awaited blessing, a son.

For the past 6 years we have been sharing what we've learned to help people just like you looking to find financial freedom. We’ll show you how to earn more, manage it well, live debt-free, invest more, and put your money to work for you.

Let's chat, I love to meet new people!

- Alfredo

Let's Talk Money

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