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My wife and I started our careers $45k in debt in 2009, right after the housing bubble and market crash of 2008. After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico, we had moved to Atlanta where I started making $58k a year as an Engineer and my wife wasn't able to find work as a Biologist for 3 years.

Using the system we teach, we became debt-free in two years and reached what is now called "Coast F.I." (Financial Independence) in our mid-thirties. This type of "F.I" means we no longer need to contribute to retirement and only need a small income to cover basic expenses for now. To get there, we had to be intentional, prioritize our expenses, invest aggressively, and work hard as a team.

For 6 years we have been helping professionals in corporate America figure out how to reach that elusive financial freedom. We’ll show you how to earn more, manage it well, live debt-free, invest more, and put your money to work for you. Let's chat, I love to meet new people!

 - Alfredo

"Great classes and coaching by Alfredo, he is always very attentive and knowledgeable. Recommended 100%!!"

- Dario Rubistein

"Helped us focus on our finances. Likewise, it helped us identify areas to improve. Excellent service"

- Renier Bonilla

"It helped me make better decisions in my finances, I recommend it 100%." 

- Keila Flores

Coaching is for you if you have felt...

  • anxiety when making money decisions
  • you¬†have a good income¬†but can't make your money last
  • sick and tired of your debt
  • unprepared for¬†retirement
  • it's difficult to make ends meet
  • tired of money stress
  • you want to leave a legacy for your children

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